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Customers and the Earth become shareholders


Geoship was founded to build living environments that reconnect human communities with the natural world. The homes and villages we live in today are based upon templates created decades ago to serve the needs of a radically different era. Humankind has evolved from a dualistic worldview that turns people against each other and disconnects us from the natural world, to one of connection and interdependence.

“I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

― Joseph Campbell

Geoship Bioceramic Geodesic VillageGeoship Bioceramic Geodesic VillageGeoship Bioceramic Geodesic VillageGeoship Bioceramic Geodesic Village

Village Building

The relationships between systems, people, and the material world can be redefined to generate transformative innovation. We’re developing a platform for communities to organize, align on their vision, and build the future of home.

To support our mission we’re organizing Geoship as a Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative. Ownership benefits are distributed to customer and nature stakeholders as well as team and investor stakeholders. To learn more about our cooperative model, read our 2020 social purpose report.

Our Story

In the beginning, we were a team of engineers and designers who dropped out to discover what was missing. Morgan lived on a wooden sailboat, Bas in a Berlin artist squat, and Adam in a handmade home on the land. While building our unconventional homes, we started thinking…

WHY — with all of our technology — are we still building with wood and nails? How does nature build protective shells? Why does it feel so good to step outside the boxes we build?

We dreamt of raising our families in a new and ancient story. One of interdependence and beauty beyond our imagination. So we founded Geoship. From 2016-2019, we occupied a century old farmhouse on an island. We explored the frontiers of nature technologies like geopolymers, synergetic geometry, and biological architecture — reconstructing home from physics first principles.

In 2020 we raised our first round of capital from over 1,700 investors. Today, our budding team is based in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California — gold country. We’re working day and night to install our first production prototype and pilot our manufacturing technology. We’re also looking ahead to breaking ground on our first automated plant on 108 acres in Grass Valley.

They say the people wanted flying cars, but instead we got 140 characters. Now we’re getting flying cars and even colonies on mars, but we want natural homes and a regenesis of spaceship Earth. We’re building Geoship into a giant 21st century cooperative. Imagine thousands of passionate engineers, designers, and cultural creatives all building the more beautiful geodesic world — freeing ourselves from the dominant thought structures that imprison human minds and political systems.

In the future we won’t live in boxes.



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