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Resonating with life

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The Evolution of Home

Material Science Revolution

Chemically Bonded Phosphate Bioceramics

A new family of ceramics that fire at room temperature were defined by the legendary professor of material science, Rustum Roy. Bioceramics have a high strength crystalline microstructure. Unlike portland concrete, bioceramic concrete is waterproof and biologically resonant. Conventional building products and polluting chemicals are all replaced by ceramic and air.

How It Works

We pack structure, insulation, color, and texture into a single all-ceramic panel.

Electrochromic glass

Dynamic tinting glass controls light and glare independently


Integral frame of basalt rebar and high strength ceramic

Outside layer

Fiber reinforced ceramic with integral color

Embedded systems

Electrical and plumbing already integrated

Inside Layer

Bioceramic hemp composite with high acoustic insulation


Integral color, texture, indigenous aggregates


Cellular ceramic with a high R-value and a tight envelope

All-Ceramic Construction

The all-ceramic composite panels have an insulative cellular ceramic core. This forms a strong, well insulated, and non-toxic shell. Bioceramics reflect more than 80% of the sun's radiation, and are highly resistant to fire, mold, and insects. Variations in color and texture are practically infinite.

Great Circle Skylights

Bring nature indoors through the great circle skylights of the bioceramic dome. With an infinite choice of skylight configurations, colors, and textures, you can create living spaces that resonate with your inner sense of beauty.

Ceramic Earthing Floors

The cellular ceramic flower of life floor enables a free exchange of electrons between your body and the earth to optimize health. It mimics how humans have always evolved - with barefeet on the land.

Star Pyramid Tops

The stellated star top brings a sense of order to the spacious dome energy. Imagine waking up at home beneath the stars. The pryramid geometry works with the high dielectric ceramics to focus energy and restore balance.

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Virtual Reality

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Of Life

Simple Complexity


A beautifully simple geometry underlies our complex physical world. In its recognition there is liberation from the right angles, crosses, and corners of the dominant world-view. Structures in nature show superior design strategies and aesthetically resonate with our innate sense of proportion and balance.

Basic Elements

Geodesic domes in three sizes.


Turnkey price includes: The insulated dome, skylights, doors, floors, lights/electrical, delivery, and installation. For bigger domes it also includes cabinets, counter-tops, loft, HVAC, and plumbing. The prices below are current best estimates.

200 sf Floor Area

16' Dome

$39k to $69k   Turnkey price


The small dome could be a studio space for art, meditation, writing, or office space for optimized health. Maybe an auxiliary dwelling or tiny home that feels unbelievably expansive. It could be an extra bedroom connected to a bigger dome, or a highly productive greenhouse. Or a rejuvenating bathroom with sauna and jacuzzi!

800 sf Floor Area (with ½ loft)

 27' Dome

$129k to $189k   Turnkey price


The medium dome is ideal for couples or a small family. There is plenty of height for a ½ loft. Below the loft can be divider walls for kitchen and bathroom space. Combine it with a 16‘ dome for an extra bedroom or a big bathroom. Two 27’ domes can also be connected into a bigger home or co-housing unit.

1,400 sf Floor Area (with ½ loft)

 36' Dome

$169k to $239k   Turnkey price


Geoship domes are really a blank canvas for you to create something wonderful. The big dome is ideal for the consciously growing family. Imagine waking up beneath the star pyramid top, feeling the sun pass through great circle skylights, and falling in love with the Earth.

Many Configurations

Architecture that grows geometrically.


Domes can connect in many ways. The connector can add useful space as a corridor, or function as a single entry into two domes. Oh the possibilities!


A bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or tiny home for a couple or single.


Single family homes, or just more space to grow. Domes of three sizes can be connected in many ways.


Two singles sharing a bathroom, kitchen, or living space. The personal living spaces can vary in size.


Sharing facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. Multi-generational co-housing communities. Shared workshops for groups of social entrepreneurs or artisans to collaborate.


Infinite Variations

The dome is a blank canvas for your living art.


Amazing skylight and window configurations are possible, including great circle skylights with or without electrochromic glass.

Earthen colors

Integral ceramic color combinations on both the inside and outside of the panels and the seams.

Wall textures and floor patterns

Choose from beautiful geometric wall textures help to control sound and spacialize the home. Wood veneers can also be applied to enhance the interior walls. Bioceramic preserves and bonds to wood.

Entrances, connectors and outdoor covered space

Choose from a range of distinct entrances, doors, connectors and outdoor covered spaces.

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Bioceramic Architecture

Sustainable, Affordable, Healthy, and Resonant


Our goal is to reduce the price:income ratio of single family housing back down to 2.5x - while dramatically raising the bar for sustainability, safety, health, beauty, and resonance in our built environment.


When will the first installations happen?


Geoship will install validation prototype domes this fall. Production is expected to start in 9-12 months. BUT, there are some factors that may delay the schedule, so don't bet your box on our time estimates...yet!

Will the domes meet building codes?


Yes. They will meet the International Residential Codes. Permitting is the first step in turning your reservation into a purchase order. If Geoship cannot meet the building codes in your area, you will recieve a full refund.

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In the future we sure as shift won't live in boxes.



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Social Purpose Company

Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture

Dome Is Where The Heart Is

Resonating with life



A Dome

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Geoship - Structural Insulation Panel
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture


Social Purpose Company

Geoship - Star Pyramid Top
Geoship - Great Circle Skylights
Geoship - Bioceramic Structural Insulation Panel
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture
Geoship - Structural Insulation Panel
Geoship - Star Pyramid Top
Geoship - Great Circle Skylights
Geoship - Ceramic Earthen Floors
Geoship - Bioceramic Structural Insulation Panel
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture