100% Non-Toxic

  Crystalline and Waterproof

  Highly Fire Resistant

  Reflects >80% of Radiant Heat

  3x Stronger Than Normal Concrete

  20x Tougher Than Normal Concrete

  Self-bonds for Repairs and Resurfacing

  Paramagnetic and High Dielectric

  Biologically Resonant (Bioceramic)



  Concrete Repair/Resurfacing

  Heat Reflective Roof/Wall Coatings

  Fireproof Wood Coatings

  Corrosion Proof Steel Coatings

  Radiation Protection Coatings

  Cavity Fill Insulations

  Growth Enhancing Hydroponic Systems

  Replace Formaldehyde Glue in Plywood

  3D printing and Injection Molding





Affordability, Sustainability,

and Healing


GeoRok Applications


A new glue for innovation and product creation.


Structural wall coatings for fire and water protection.


Truly the world’s best concrete repair and resurfacing.


Enhance plant growth in hydroponic and aquaponic systems.


Shielding for all levels of radiation including gamma and neutron.

Join us in collaborative innovation


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The Material to Build the Future

GeoRok Polymers

(aka Chemically Bonded Ceramics)


Magnesium Phosphate Ceramics uniquely fill the gap between cements, epoxies, and ceramics. A new general purpose technology to enable cascades of innovation in the built environment. These earth-friendly, water-activated, rapid-set ceramics are highly crystalline and molecularly bond to metal, wood, and concrete. Unlike Portland cements, they could last for 1000’s of years and potentially sequester much more CO2 than was released in their production. The raw minerals will be harvested from seawater desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants, and other non-toxic waste stream sources.

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