Seasons Of Change

Navigating The Future

The Future of Home


Our vision for the future of home is a natural earth sanctuary that calms your senses, and restores balance; a place of maximum efficiency, beauty, and resilience. Our challenge is to restore nature's optimal balance of light, water, electromagnetic energy. To build environments that harmonize with biological systems and connect us to all that exists outside – nature, community, and the universe. Homes that become a legacy of sustainability for future generations. Welcome aboard our maiden voyage through the seasons of change.

First Season

Plant the Seed


Geoship is integrating new material sciences, geometric forms, production technologies, community building templates, metta currencies, cooperative business models, and Whole Person Healing. You become an advocate and a movement takes flight.

Second Season

Water the Garden


Geoship supplies GeoRok materials for infrastructure revitalization, nuclear waste remediation, and an architectural revolution. The non-toxic, biologically resonant, carbon sequestering bioceramics signify a new paradigm in quality of living. We install transformational geodesic dwellings across the land. You reserve a dome and bring a high growth technology cooperative into the world.

Third Season

Bring the Light


Today we see nothing but box houses built on the Roman Grid. This we cannot accept, so we collaborate in designing and developing geodesic villages in active virtual reality. Then install them into physical reality with community work festivals. The world's first geodesic flower of life villages are coming soon. You make a declaration, gather your tribe, and build a regenerative village.

Fourth Season

Grow Cooperatively


We launch a cooperative cottage industry supported by a cradle to cradle bioceramic raw materials industry. We build communities that operate as commonwealths, sparking a design science revolution to “make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone" (Bucky Fuller). You become a trimtab, launch new cooperative ventures, and help steer Geoship.

Fifth Season

Dwell in Harmony


We code metta currencies and liquid democracy platforms, to focus human attention onto the things we all treasure, including ecosystem restoration, social justice, compassionate art projects, better parties, and healthy relationships with all life. We connect ancient ways to future ways and become Earthians dwelling in harmony with the land.

A renaissance is coming...

A new and ancient story of home is ours to write.

You become an advocate and a movement takes flight.

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A renaissance is coming...