Bucky Rusty Fathers of Bioceramic Geodesics

Bucky and Rusty

March 1, 2021 - fieldnotes, popular

Bucky and Rusty. The Geoship Founding Fathers. Bioceramic domes combine the geometry/math of Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller with the material science of Rustum (Rusty) Roy. Bucky was a legendary American polymath and future architect. He invented Synergetic Mathematics and introduced the geodesic dome into mass awareness. Rusty was a legendary professor of material science with a focus on crystal chemistry. He often reminded his students that technology often precedes scientific theory.

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2020 Social Purpose Report

Our social purpose is to create tools for human communities to reconnect with the natural world. The dominant models of home and community development are based upon templates designed to meet the needs of a radically different era. Our entire civilization is built upon a dualistic world-view that pits people against each other and disconnects us from the natural world. Human consciousness is evolving from this dualistic reality to one of connection and interdependence.

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Geoship Advantages

February 10, 2021 - fieldnotes, popular

Bioceramic Dome Advantages. Bioceramic dome technology enables a new level of success in architecture. The current construction industry uses four primary material families – wood, metal, concrete, and organic polymers (plastics). Now we have a fifth family. Chemically Bonded Ceramics (bioceramics) are a new class of geopolymers that are enabling cascades of innovation in construction.

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