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Bioceramic Domes

In the future we won't live in boxes

We offer affordable sustainable homes that resonate with life. Where nature's optimal balance of light, water, and magnetism is respected. Out beyond ideas of right angles and straight lines there's a stone circle home. We'll meet you there.

Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture


Resonant Materials


Geometry Of Life

Cold-fired bioceramics will reshape the 21st century built environment. From bone to seashells to the great pyramids and temples, chemical bonding is used throughout nature and human civilization.

This feminine Archimedean form is the strongest most efficient spatial enclosure known to man. From molecular structures, to virus capsids, to the gravitational field itself, geodesic geometry is universal.

Transend Doubt

Dwell in confidence.

A beautiful dance of compression and tension make the geodesic dome very strong. It’s highly resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes, fireproof, insect proof, and flood proof. Cracking and corrosion is eliminated by the fiber reinforced bioceramics. This is biomimetic technology to restore healthy relationships with the elemental forces.

  • Fireproof
  • Hurricane Resistant
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Insect Proof
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture

The Most Eco-Conscious Home Ever

Make sustainability a human legacy

Minimize your ecological footprint and leave a gift for future generations. Bioceramic geodesics maximize efficiency and eliminate construction waste. All conventional building materials are replaced with low energy ceramic composites and air. This is inclusive feminine technology. Based upon mother nature’s hidden forces — vortex, crystallization, and paramagnetism.

  • >95% Less CO2
  • 80% Heat Reflectivity
  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • Very Long Life
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture

Reclaim Your Human Potential

Experience home as nature intended

 Optimize your light, water, and electromagnetic environment. Eliminate mold, toxic chemicals, and harmful EMF. Our human ancestors evolved for thousands of years connected to the earth with their bare feet. Naturally exposed to sunlight. Drinking structured water from the source. And dwelling in earthen shelters that breathe. This is indigenous earth technology to reconnect with creation.

  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Structured Water
  • Earthing Floors

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