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Bioceramic Architecture

Dwell in Resonance

Are you ready for an affordable, sustainable, and healthy alternative to the conventional home? Out beyond ideas of right angles and straight lines, there is a new kind of stone circle.

We'll meet you there.

Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture


Breakthrough Materials


Fundamental Forms

Cold-fired bioceramics are low energy, high strength, and biologically resonant. From bone to seashells to the great pyramids and temples, chemical bonding can be observed throughout the natural world.

The geodesic dome is the strongest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man. From molecular structures, to virus capsids, to the gravitational field itself, geodesic geometry is timeless.

Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture


Local community abundance

Making the most affordable homes on earth the most biologically and ecologically regenerative ones. Basic human needs for shelter, warmth, and sustenance - provided by the home and community. Together we create space for consciousness to grow.

  • Low Price
  • Multi-Generational
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low Operational Energy
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture


Reconnecting with mother nature

Celebrating her hidden forces of implosion, suction, vortex, vibration, and ceramic alchemy. Her sacred geometry to focus energy. Her living materials to resonate with biology. The flower of life manifests into 3D geodesic form. Our relationship with the elemental life force is restored.

  • Disaster Proof
  • Recyclable
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Low Embodied Energy
Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture


Optimizing light, water, and magnetism

Creating space that restores the natural energy field and inspires gratitude. Imagine pressing your bare feet into the humus of a redwood grove with prisms of warm sunlight flittering through the forest. Your electric field, your aura, your chi, your ka, your barakah, your charge field, your 'soul' can unpack and breathe.

  • Non-Toxic Materials
  • Structured Water
  • Earthing Floors
  • Photobiomodulation


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Geoship - Bioceramic Architecture

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